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Favorite Series

Charmed (2018)
All I can say about this reboot: "Y tho?"
Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 1
That moment when poster looks better than a show itself. Even with kinda improved VFXs it doesn't get any closer to the original.
The Flash
I feel really sorry about the actors because writers are seriously brain damaged freaks who hate them all and want the show to shut down ASAP.
The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5
this tv show becomes more boring with every new episode...I'm dropping it
Arrow Season 5 Episode 16
LOL, as russian speaking person I can only laugh at this season of Arrow like I always do when I hear Americans trying to prove that they are russians :) and this one just LOL. I"m simply wondering with hundreds of thousands of Russians living in California, why in hell the creators didn't hire few more to play or help with Russian words in this show? Just WHY?!
kinda slow in progress but still loved it
kinda slow in progress but still loved it
The Flash
The dumbest plot ever! :))) and graphics from 90th... just watched because it's cool to see all heroes in 1 place.
It actually is getting better this season. I thought that last season was total fail and disaster which would lead to close of this show, but somehow they managed to improve.

Les Grands Proc├Ęs | Julie Andrews | 157901-157920