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Favorite Series
so sad Fox canceled this show, hopefully someone will take over Lucifer! #savelucifer
Grimm Season 6 Episode 7
This is probably the funniest episode ever! LOVE IT!
I really enjoyed this show, maybe the ending was a little...fucked up, they could have done better but I liked it and I'm definetly rewatching this! (Already doing)
Grimm Season 3 Episode 7
"Decapitare, kinda like that!"
Grimm Season 2 Episode 3
OMG Mark Pellegrino!
Grimm Season 2 Episode 2
Awkward ending xD
Supernatural Season 13 Episode 7
Keep that in mind next time ;)
Supernatural Season 13 Episode 7
it can take time to air, if you live in europe it'll take few hours since its a different timezone in usa
Supernatural Season 13 Episode 5
Well Dean got what he asked for at the end!
The Flash Season 4 Episode 4
"I smell a mystery" (The ending)
Arrow Season 6 Episode 3
not good thing at the end...gonna end bad xD
Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 20
I literally thought about transformers when the cars came at the end, I literally expected them to transform XDD
Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 3
This is one of the most badass episodes I've ever seen!
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 13
kinda genius way to build an army hehe
Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6
Modern Family Season 5 Episode 15
The ending is so savage XDD
Doctor Who
yea...took them over 50 years to finally get a woman xD
Doctor Who
Joroc, but supernatural is still good xD
Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3
the ending was so heartbreaking XD
Supernatural Season 7 Episode 1
Now this is goint to be so much fun!
Constantine Season 1 Episode 13
the last words vere so predictable hahah
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 5
vidzi.tv always work for me
Constantine Season 1 Episode 5
i've heard about this legend before!
Supernatural Season 12 Episode 23
OMG YESS!! Are you sure season 13 is confirmed? (havent watched this episode yet going to watch it now)
Arrow Season 5 Episode 21
thats why i always watch vidzi.tv
Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14
Vidzi.tv always works for me!
Arrow Season 5 Episode 19
just watch vidzi.tv works for me everytime
Prison Break
im on season 3 episode 13 probably gonna watch it very soon but... what can you expect on season 4 and 5? another prison? how many prisons are they gonna break out of?
Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18
vidzi.tv works perfect almost eveytime
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
welcome to planet earth! xD
The Flash
depends on what season and episode u wanna watvh ofc :)
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6
sherlock yes, others no, I can try them out :)
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6
ran out of shows to watch any ideas? Watched: The Flash, Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, Supernatural, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Stranger Things, Grimm, Mr.Robot
The Walking Dead
damn I forgot what episode I was on season 2 and back in that day I watched this on netflix hahah
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3
try vidzi.tv always works for me
The Flash Season 3 Episode 7
guys try vidzi.tv it works almost everytime
The Flash Season 3 Episode 7
meh already knew it was him XD
Lucifer Season 2 Episode 7
Guys what time will the episode be "Aired" around 03:00 ?
Supernatural Season 1 Episode 1
vidzi.tv always work for me... you should try it out :D
cuz they will come out next year (Januar)
Supernatural Season 7 Episode 3
Dean is a bitch! why would he do that (at the end) wont tell exactly what he did :)
well i starded like 3 weeks ago and already at season 6 ahahah
Supernatural Season 3 Episode 3
"SUN OF A BITCH!!!" haahhahaha that girl is so hot and nice and have sticky hands too XDD
The Flash Season 2 Episode 23
mistake!!! What will happen now when his mother is alive?!!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 22
good show...sad ending ;_;
Grimm Season 5 Episode 20
"makes sence they wanna keep their heads" ahahhaha made my day!
The Flash
Theory 1 on how Barry defeat Zoom: He trap him in the speedforce. Theory 2: He kill him. Theory 3: He go to earth 2 and travel back in time and save his mother (doing so that his father wont let Zoom in that creepy house when he was sent after his mother died, but Barry will go back in time and save Zoom´s mother so Zoom wont exist. Theory 4: He wont... He just wont... It will continue in season 3. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!! <3
so Detective is making Lucifer mortal...figured it out first time she shot him...even 1st episode...atleast that she is not affected by him...GOOD SHOW!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
Zoom maybe is too fast t0 make a speedmirage of himself?
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
Zoom maybe is too fast t0 make a speedmirage of himself?
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
Zoom maybe is too fast t0 make a speedmirage of himself?
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
Zoom maybe is too fast t0 make a speedmirage of himself?
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
Zoom maybe is too fast t0 make a speedmirage of himself?
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
Zoom maybe is too fast t0 make a speedmirage of himself?
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
Now the question is...is Jay alive or maybe he is Zoom and using some kind of a doppelganger or speedmirage?

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