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Favorite Series
Charmed (2018)
So a feminist Charmed-reboot with an athlete, a lesbian activist and a scientist? All looking like supermodels? That's basically the definition of trying too hard and I expect to cringe to death
The Flash
it's kinda ridiculous how it varies from situation to situation how fast he is (depending on how to make the plot most interesting) one time he can dismantle a complete car in 2 seconds or search a complete city in a minute, the other time he can't catch a "normal-speed" criminal with a 10 second head start. i get that theoretically the flash would be one of the most overpowered DC heroes with all the things he could do thanks to his speed, so they have to artificially make him worse/ slower in
Blindspot Season 3 Episode 3
Nerdherd reference to Chuck? Even the uniform matches. Nice easteregg
The Flash Season 4 Episode 5
stupid episode. just shows how retarded most feminists sound. "yeah, i'm a stripper because i want to show that women can wear anything"
The Flash Season 4 Episode 2
the flat in the first scene looks exactly like the one oliver from Arrow had last season or so in star city or am i wrong?
The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 1
first impression is great! let's hope it continues this way
Three episodes in i must say this show is great. If you like to make up your own theories on what actually happened, this is the show for you cause it will make you change your mind or make new theories every episode. Let's hope the second half is as great as the first
Blindspot Season 2 Episode 22
wow... why the fck couldn't they just let it end like that? it was a great ending with everything resolved except roman. I bet the next season wont be nearly as good as these 2. Why do they have to go and try to milk this show after the main story finished? Still great episode and awesome season
Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 6
SPOILER!!!! the first comment obviously didn't understand this episode or didn't watch it till the very end. Nothing is void. We simply followed the story of the simulation for this episode and this episode only. It only simulates EARTH as they say multiple times. Good episode
Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14
@grantimus01: no idea what you're talking about. likeafool und openload almost always work and deliver the best quality most of the time. as for the ads: you know there are multiple ways to stop them, right? If you choose not to use ublock for example, then stop whining about ads on sites
The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16
A mediocre finale to a horribly slow and boring season. Every single "plot twist" was easily predictable. Could have been at this point halfway through the season. Let's just hope that next season will be better, now that shit finally started
Shooter Season 1 Episode 2
great show! hope it stays that way
Falling Water
Something different. So far i'm hooked. Can't wait to see how it goes on. Definitely a lot potential
Aftermath (2016) Season 1 Episode 1
Wow, this is so bad... a "normal" family suddenly has to kill people, sees supernatural things and they are all rational and act like it's business as usual. Horrible acting, terrible writing and just unpleasant to watch
Van Helsing Season 1 Episode 1
Maybe it's not the best show i've ever seen but the first episode shows a lot of potential. Waiting for more episodes to see how good it gets

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