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  • 18% Sci-Fi
  • 18% Drama
  • 14% Adventure
  • 14% Action
  • 7% Fantasy
  • 7% Thriller
  • 21% Others
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Favorite Series

How I Met Your Mother
The most best sitcom I've ever watched...just beautiful,,will miss those crazy and funny moments..the cast..and the excitement..just..FRIKIN LOVE IT!!!
The Flash
Amazing!!!!...........just frickin AMAZING!!.......for those who haven't watched the finale yet,,,THIS IS A SPOILER!......the fight scene with both the speedsters ( BARRY AND HIS DARK SIDE)....just awesome....but now that barry is in the speed force will the series be as good as it was.......or most importantly.........what will the team do without the Flash and will we ever see him again.....well......i really hope I do......
How I Met Your Mother
Awesome, and yes barney- LEGEN wait for it DARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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