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Arrow Season 5 Episode 9
@leah778 bitch atleast put s spoiler warning u fucking bitch
The Flash Season 3 Episode 8
Which cocksuckers added fake links!?!?!?
The Flash Season 3 Episode 8
The sources arent working madar fakers
The Flash Season 3 Episode 8
Find a link mother fuckers
The Flash Season 3 Episode 8
This shit wqs supposed to be shared today
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8
Why the fuck are there gays and lesbians in every single DC series??
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8
You guys are retarded. There are gonna be 4 crossovers this is just the begining of it so doesnt matter what you think.
Arrow Season 5 Episode 5
Fix the links you faggots
The Flash
Spideralex45 needs some milk!
The Flash
Spideralex45 needs a chillpill
The Flash
Cant wait to see season 3 episode 8 :D

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